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Physical Therapy

Whether you are undergoing surgery, working to prevent surgery or going through rehabilitation, we can put the right team in place to take care of all your concerns—before, during and after your orthopaedic healthcare journey.

Experienced Staff

Our physical therapy department is led by Bryan Gandy, a 20 year physical therapist specialist. Bryan’s philosophy is to treat every patient with respect and utilize the most effective techniques and technology to help you recover and gain mobility.


Innovations in PT technology are designed to shorten patients’ healing times, increase comfort levels, and improve their overall level of care. Our Physical Therapist use combination of conventional tools and the latest technology to improve the patient’s motor functionality.


We pride ourselves in the overall positive patient experience. Our physical therapy department is conveniently located inside our main office and patients are not left to do exercises on their own – you have support all the way. At each appointment you have one-on-one hands-on treatment with your therapist, and when exercises are called for, we have someone to help you with those, too. Your therapist will stay in contact with your doctor on your progress and recommended course of treatment.

Meet Our Physical Therapists

The brightest and most-experienced professionals in their field


Bryan W. Gandy – Director, Physical Therapist

Carri Carpenter – Physical Therapist

Derrick Parker,Karmela Williams,Lindsey Todd – Physical Therapy Assistants


Leighann Grooms – Doctor of Physical Therapy

Matt Rollan, Lauren Jones – Physical Therapy Assistants


Chad Guidry – Doctor of Physical Therapy

Bethany Marion – Physical Therapy Assistant