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Forms & General Information

Southern Orthopaedic Surgeons would like to thank you for entrusting your care to our physicians. To help speed up the administrative paperwork we have put all of our required new patient forms on this page. If you would please print these forms and complete them prior to your visit, this will cut down on your wait time and completing paperwork.

Instructions for Medical Record Requests

Southern Orthopaedic Surgeons has partnered with HealthMark Group to ensure the accurate and timely completion of medical record requests.


Requests may be submitted electronically to HealthMark’s Request Manager at https://requestmanager.healthmark-group.com. Once logged in, select “Submit Request” from the menu options and enter all required fields to provide an authorization directly to HealthMark. Your medical record request will be processed and a notification will be sent via mail or email once complete and available for download.

Any questions?

Please log in to Request Manager for status updates or to chat with support. If you have any questions, you may contact HealthMark at 800-659-4035 or status@healthmark-group.com.

Patient Portal

Anytime, anywhere…managing your healthcare has never been so easy.

Our Patient Portal provides you with secure, online access to portions of your medical records as well as an easy and convenient way to communicate us through a secure internet connection.

Any questions or concerns? Please call (334) 532-4644 or (334) 532-4646

Frequently Asked Questions

You should bring your driver’s license and insurance cards as well as a list of your medications, past surgeries, and allergies. When you arrive at our office for your first appointment you will start the check-in process by signing in at the kiosk. Once you have signed in you will receive an iPad to fill out all your medical history before seeing the doctor. You may also fill this out ahead of time by providing your email address when you call to schedule your appointment. After completing your medical history, you will be taken to an exam room to see the doctor. Depending on what your appointment is for the doctor might order some x-rays to get a better look at what is bothering you. After seeing the doctor, you will be escorted to check-out. All tests that the doctor ordered or follow up appointments will be scheduled by our check out team.
Physical Therapy, Injections, PRP, DME, Urgent Ortho, Total and Partial Joint Replacement, and Arthroscopy.